1. 15 Common Mobility Mistakes

By Eric Cressey

An outstanding article by Eric, as always… You should bookmark this!

2. The Derrick Rose Vertical Jump Program?

By Mike Robertson (on October 18, 2013)

Derrick Rose is the elite of the elite, like Mike 🙂 . Must-read this one!!!

3. A New Method of Intervals

By Joel Jamieson

Read literally everything by Joel!

4. Tip: Foam Roll AFTER Training For Fast Recovery

By John Rusin (05/31/16)

Soft tissue work on the roller is ok before workouts, but it’s best done after training…

5. Tip: Don’t Use a Mixed Grip When Deadlifting

By Christian Thibaudeau (10/22/15)

If you always used a mixed grip when deadlifting, you’ll get injured. Instead, master the hook grip…

6. Squats Versus Hip Thrusts Part IV: Transfer to Performance

By Bret Contreras (September 28, 2015)

Although researchers have recently found that the transfer on performance is much more complicated, take a look at this really interesting article.

7. Make Your Abs Workout 5X Harder

By the editors of men’s health (August 30, 2015)

This trick is quick, simple and highly effective!

8. Tip: Squeeze the Bar Hard When Bench Pressing

By Travis Pollen (11/20/15)

Crushing the bar not only makes the lift safer, it’ll help you lift more weight…

9. Making the Case for Training in the Post-Surgery Period

By Eric Cressey (Written on March 31, 2016)

If you were to spend a day at either the MA or FL Cressey Sports Performance location, invariably, you’d see something that might surprise you: athletes training in spite of the fact that they recently had surgery…

10. 3 Keys to Improving Power

By Mike Robertson (on May 9, 2014)

As an athlete, power reigns supreme. Sure maximal speed is important, and being brutally strong can help, but if you want to be at your best it behooves you to improve power.

11. Secrets of Muscular Endurance

By Joel Jamieson

This article will finally put an end to all the nonsense that’s out there on the subject and give you clear and concise understanding of what muscular endurance really is, and more importantly, Joel will be giving you two unbelievably effective training methods that are guaranteed to improve your endurance.

12. Tip: Use Cluster Sets for Size & Strength

By Christian Thibaudeau (03/26/16)

Cluster sets have always been great for strength gains. Here is a new twist on them that’ll maximize hypertrophy too.

13. Achieve Greater Glute Activation

By Bret Contreras (05/02/15)

Simple exercise tweaks… MUST READ!

14. Stretch the Tight?

By Tony Gentilcore

Most trainers don’t understand this… Take a look!

15. Is Knee Valgus Always Bad in Weight Lifting?

By Zachary Long

Let’s be clear about something from the start…dynamic knee valgus has repeatedly been shown in the literature to be a mechanism of a variety of injuries. Zachary’s purpose here is not to debate that. Instead, he is expressing his OPINION on valgus and why it might not be as bad as we all think…IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS.

16. Front Squat

By Mike Robertson (on October 25, 2013)

Comprehensive, but the great one!


17. The Stage System

By Eric Cressey (04/09/15)

Get bigger, stronger, or faster!

18. From 0 to 100: Know Your Percentages!

By Christian Thibaudeau (05/13/14)

Great article, take a look how this works theoretically…

19. Overhead Motions in Hockey Players: Should You Even Go There?

By Dean Somerset (on June 27, 2016)

Hockey players tend to have limited shoulder mobility in overhead movement, and also little sport specific need to keep or regain that movement to improve performance in their sport…

20. The Number One Coaching Mistake

By Christian Thibaudeau (08/06/15)

Specificity obsession is your enemy!







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