QUESTION FOR COACH 4 (Aleksandar Petrovic)


LUKA KOVACEVIC: When it comes to short preparatory period of one National team, how long one strength training should last on average, and what do you pay attention on when it comes to overall goal(s) and exercise selection?

ALEKSANDAR PETROVIC: When it comes to strength training during preparatory period, of one National Team, session should not be longer than 1 hour, warm up included. You want to keep your players fresh and ready for technical and tactical things they are going to have on sessions with the head coach. Keep the things in the gym basic and simple. Basic movement pattern in strength speed and power rep ranges. I usually call National Team training sessions “Hit and run”.


Aleksandar Petrovic is a top level physical preparation coach with great international experience (mostly in pro level volleyball). Currently, he is a head physical preparation coach of the Serbian men’s National volleyball team.



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