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Luka Kovacevic: Roughly said, do you think that CARs, PAILs/RAILs are more effective than dynamic flexibility during warm up from the injury prevention/reduction standpoint? I guess both are needed… Frank Duffy: I would say CARs are more effective prior to a workout because it’s slow, controlled, dynamic movement. Whereas, PAILs/RAILs have a static component due

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5 Steps to Building Better Athletes By Mike Robertson (07/19/16) Today, Mike is going to give us a step-by-step blueprint to build better athletes. Enjoy! Tip: De-Stress and Boost Recovery in 3 Minutes By Bret Contreras (09/07/16) Stress kills. Even worse, it really interferes with getting jacked. Try this technique to squash anxiety fast. 3

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Post-game recovery techniques in modern football/soccer (Current science and top coaches’ common sense)

Howdy, “Elite” sport requires high-volume and high-intensity training that inevitably induces neuromuscular fatigue detrimental for physical performance. Improving recovery processes is, therefore, fundamental and to this, a wide variety of recovery modalities could be proposed. In this comprehensive article, I will try to mention everything you need to know on this interesting topic (with my

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For some reason, it doesn’t allow me to add photos and additional text in this post… Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy these extraordinary articles!   1. 3 Tips for Successful In-Season Training By Mike Robertson (2/3/15) 2. Tip: Build Hams by Elevating Front of Feet By Christian Thibaudeau (01/20/16) 3. 5 Things I’ve

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