Before starting any type of physical activity, I highly recommend a proper medical examination!



Do you feel weak, overweight, and have lower back or any other pain?

Do you feel tired, sleepy or have low energy or need rehabilitation?

Are you unable to feel physical dominance on sports field?

Are you a kid who needs deformity correction and better motor skills?

Do you want to look sexy?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, than you need our help!

I offer almost all kinds of exercising services, including:

  • Physical preparation sports training – pro level, youth, kids (I have strong experience in both team and individual sports: water polo, basketball, handball, tennis, volleyball, martial arts, speed skating, swimming…);
  • Rehabilitation after injuries;
  • Recreational exercising (fat loss, muscle toning and making gainz, kids and youth strength sessions, corrective exercising and conditioning, older adults – senior exercising and similar);
  • Save your time and energy – I can also be your in-home-trainer (with my mobile training equipment and/or if you posses your own);
  • Exercising of children with special needs (I have an experience mostly with autistic children);
  • Testing soccer teams as well as strength & conditioning services (both pro and youth male-female teams);
  • Managing and executing first and/or final part of team sports training (comprehensive warm up with everything important included, cooling down – recovery techniques… everything except technical-tactical part, also, separated recovery sessions after game/hard training or the day after). I can do this with any team or individual sport (it doesn’t necessary need to be a soccer team);
  • Online both individual and team planning and programming.


First and foremost, I completely assess a client after medical examination and before starting an individual exercise program (first session = testing), including: ANAMNESIS (personal data, your exercising goal(s), an exercising history, a history of injuries and/or a present issue); ANTHROPOMETRIC MEASUREMENTS (body weight, body height, girth measurements, skinfold measurements – fat %, fat mass, lean mass…); COMPLETE POSTURAL INSPECTION (finding some deformities, congenital joint laxity – “Beighton” test, muscular stiffness, shortens and weakness – “Thomas” test and many others…); JOINTS RANGE OF MOTION CHECK (through the joint angles now); FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN and SFMA (finding some compensatory movements, as well as imbalances in joints stability and mobility – joint-by-joint approach to training); VARIOUS POWER-STRENGTH-ENDURANCE TESTS (depending on the client), etc.

We will repeat testing from time to time to see progress.


My philosophy (neither goal) is not to make a circus out of training. In serious training, exercising can’t be funny too much! According to this, I offer the most sophisticated but simple type of exercise session in an extremely pleasant atmosphere.

Whether it’s gym or outdoor exercising, it can be one-on-one format or small groups (2-4) format.

Small group format includes: general warm-up and stretching patterns at the end which are performed by clients themselves (except athletes – they do warm up with the trainer), individual exercise program implemented under the coach supervision that is divided into 2-4 exercisers.

One-on-one format includes: all tests are free, individual warm-up program led by the coach (in accordance with individual needs), individual exercise program with full attention of coach, individual stretching (assisted by coach) and relaxing/recovery techniques – everything with 100% commitment ONLY TO YOU!

One session with me lasts around 1 hour (warming up, main part, cooling down – stretching mostly). Here are 3 exceptions: One-on-one training with pro level (adult) athlete lasts 1:30h as well as session with the goal of losing fat; Recovery session lasts around 45 mins.

Every client has an individually adapted program (“one size fits all” option doesn’t exist here) that I am changing approximately every 20-30 days (it depends on individual adaptation).



The “Omegawave” system (a non-invasive readiness technology to assess both brain and heart). It’s able to optimize your recovery, training nad performance;

Pocket radar “Ball coach” (it’s important to track the ball speed improvements in any sport where using a ball, not to mention the importance of tracking speed of both body and ball during power training);

“Polar” heart rate monitoring (very important during endurance training);

“Compex” electrostimulation (good for rehab, recovery, etc.);          

“Theragun” massage gun (important for recovery, pain management and m. preactivation);

“Vert” wearable jump monitor (a perfect simple device for vertical jump measurements at least);

“Oura ring” (one of the best sleep trackers available).


Assessment: 40$ (everyone except 1-on-1 training, 1st training = assessment)

Small group training: 30$ (package of 8 sessions you need to utilize within 35 days is 200$; package of 12 sessions you need to utilize within 40 days is 300$)

1-on-1 training: 50$ (package of 8 sessions you need to utilize within 35 days is 350$; package of 12 sessions you need to utilize within 40 days is 500$)

In-home 1-on-1 training: 55$ (package of 8 sessions you need to utilize within 35 days is 400$; package of 12 sessions you need to utilize within 40 days is 600$)

Relief your daily stress (at least) with 30 mins of assisted stretching and trigger points massage: 30$ per session

Testing teams with analysis: 400$

Warming up and cooling down for team sports; recovery training: 40$ per training

Separated physical preparation training for team sports: 60$ per training

Online both individual and team planning and programing: 100$ per mesocycle (30-45 days). Highly effective nutrition tips included if you want!



If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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