Services & Products

This all is about inspiring coaches and rehab specialists to do what inspires them, so that together we can change the world for the better. I know that you want to become a better coach/therapist by utilizing a holistic approach to physical preparation, rehab and other crucial stuff. I know that you want to be introduced to the complex, but simplified stuff that work best in practice!

The effort I put into creating content will result in making you fully confident, as well as saving your time tremendously (we all know that trying to “figure things out” is often frustrating). The top-notch content I am making will kill your frustration and confusion. YOU WILL SIMPLY LOVE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT PHYSICAL PREPARATION, REHABILITATION and other crucial stuff!


1) General training programs (under construction)

  • Fat loss (basic 1, basic 2, basic 3);
  • Sports performance (basic);
  • Toning up and building muscle (basic, intermediate, advanced);

2) “PASSIVE & ACTIVE MUSCULOSKELETAL ASSESSMENT (my choices and reflections)” Book (under construction);

3) Specific injury rehabilitation programs (under construction);

4) Online and in-person training/rehab and consultations for teams and individuals (CONTACT me for more info).