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Luka Kovacevic: Roughly said, do you think that CARs, PAILs/RAILs are more effective than dynamic flexibility during warm up from the injury prevention/reduction standpoint? I guess both are needed… Frank Duffy: I would say CARs are more effective prior to a workout because it’s slow, controlled, dynamic movement. Whereas, PAILs/RAILs have a static component due

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QUESTION FOR COACH 6 (Dr Nicholas Licameli)

LUKA KOVACEVIC: Do you think that looking up in a deadlift could result in damage of the intervertebral discs by multiplying “micro traumas” or cause some another obstruction? Short-term and long-term consequences… Dr. NICHOLAS LICAMELI: Is looking up during a deadlift a big deal in the short-term? As with many topics in exercise science, I

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