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QUESTION FOR COACH 4 (Aleksandar Petrovic)

  LUKA KOVACEVIC: When it comes to short preparatory period of one National team, how long one strength training should last on average, and what do you pay attention on when it comes to overall goal(s) and exercise selection? ALEKSANDAR PETROVIC: When it comes to strength training during preparatory period, of one National Team, session

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The most probable reason for tight calves is…

Howdy, Until recently, I haven’t met many people who have some calve(s) issues. Nowadays, I am more likely to meet people who suffer from some type of calve(s) discomfort. Of course, a longtime sitting position with no physical activity (sedentary life) raises chance for some discomfort, as well as wearing heels for long time. Also,

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R. Verheijen vs American physical preparation philosophy (random thoughts and potential solutions)

Howdy, In this article, I would like to touch “pros and cons” topics in short and try to find some mistakes both sides maybe make (maybe it sounded a bit arrogant, but I am going to present just my humble opinion to you). Mr. Raymond Verheijen’s (Australian, Portuguese, Spanish… football school – or similar) philosophy

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