1. Tip: Avoid These Waist-Widening Exercises

Is your ab training causing you to develop “Ninja Turtle Belly” and a blocky waist? Here’s what to avoid.

By Bret Contreras (06/29/16)

2. Tip: Deadlift Barefoot. Here’s Why.

Want to get better results from big pulls? Take your shoes off. Here’s why, plus info on “active vs. passive” foot.

By Tony Gentilcore (07/08/16)

3. Tip: A New Method for Big, Hard Legs

If you struggle to build legs, this brutal training method will change everything. Bonus: It’ll lean you up too! Take a look.

By Christian Thibaudeau (07/10/16)

4. Tip: Does Weight Lifting Stunt Height?

Many “experts” say kids should avoid lifting because it’ll prevent them from getting taller. That’s bull. Here’s why.

By Mark Rippetoe (07/20/16)

5. Tip: Twice-A-Day Training for Maximum Results

If you can find the time, hitting two workouts in one day can bring major results… if it’s planned properly. Here’s how to do it.

By Charles Poliquin (07/26/16)

6. Tip: Take the Tapping Test for CNS Health

Sounds crazy, but counting how many times you can make a dot on a page with a pencil can tell you a lot about your nervous system.

By Dan John (07/29/16)

7. Tip: Burn Fat Lifting Weights

You don’t need cardio equipment to get ripped. This method uses weights and bloodflow manipulation to mobilize fat. Take a look.

By Christian Thibaudeau (08/02/16)

8. Tip: Don’t Ever Do This With Your Bottled Water

A common practice turns your relatively safe plastic water bottle into a chemical time bomb. Here’s what you need to know.

By TC Luoma (08/05/16)

9. The Biggest Training Lie

By Christian Thibaudeau (02/25/14)

10. Tip: The Truth About Push-Up Handles

Are these gadgets helping you or hurting you? Here’s what you probably don’t know.

By Joel Seedman, PhD (08/14/16)

11. Tip: Re-Think Your Recovery Days

For faster gains, do a little non-eccentric exercise on your off days. Here’s how.

By TC Luoma (01/09/16)

12. Tip: Get Ripped With 4-Rep Sets

Nothing screams “strength and conditioning” like EMOM training. Here are two ways to do it.

By Christian Thibaudeau (08/11/16)

13. Tip: Close Your Eyes On This Lift

Recruit more motor units, improve form, and build more strength… by shutting your eyes? Yep, here’s how it works.

By Joel Seedman, PhD (08/12/16)

14. Tip: Do Cardio Separate From Lifting

You’ll build more muscle. Here are a few ways to do it, and some ideas to try if that’s just not possible for you.

By Christian Thibaudeau (01/01/17)

15. Tip: The Leaning Lunge for a Stronger Butt

Standard lunge form doesn’t hit your glutes and hams much, and it can cause knee issues. Here’s how to do it right.

By Nick Tumminello (12/21/16)

16. 3 Things All Successful Diets Have in Common

Simple Ways to Drop Body Fat

By TC Luoma (01/02/17)

17. Tip: The Minimalist Approach

Progress stagnated? Simplify. Here’s how to do it and why it works.

By Eirik Sandvik (01/05/17)

18. Tip: Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

Yes, it can be done. Here’s the part most people don’t understand.

By Nick Tumminello (01/05/17)

19. Tip: Do the Bridge Press For Pecs

This underrated chest exercise builds pecs, delts, and triceps. No bench required. Here’s how you do it.

By Bret Contreras (06/07/16)

20. Tip: The Not-So-Pretty Truth About Gym Motivation

Here’s how your personal demons can make you better.

By Chris Shugart (01/08/17)

21. Tip: Fix This Tiny Muscle and Lift Heavier

Does your butt hurt on long car rides? Need frequent trips to the chiropractor? Have pain down your leg? Here’s the problem and how to fix it.

By Sarah Ellis Duvall, DPT (06/21/16)

22. Tip: Don’t Train Biceps Before Shoulders

Hit your delts first, or ideally, on a different day than biceps. Here’s why.

By Lee Boyce (01/09/17)

23. Tip: Do This Mobility Drill For a Better Squat

This might just be the easiest way to fix most ugly squat problems. And it only takes about 30 seconds. Check it out.

By Drew Murphy (01/15/17)

24. Cardio: The Strength and Muscle Killer?

The Smart Lifter’s Guide to Cardio

By Mike T Nelson, PhD (01/23/17)

25. Tip: Stop Looking for Motivation

If you always need to be externally motivated, you’re not a lifter. You’re a hobbyist. Here’s why.

By TC Luoma (01/25/17)

26. Tip: Get Your Elbows Right for Push-Ups

What’s best, a wide or narrow elbow position? Neither. Here’s the best push-up form to use.

By Mike Robertson (01/29/17)

27. The Food That Really Made America Fat

And It’s Not Sugar

By TC Luoma (07/04/18)

28. Tip: The 3-Point Push-Up Test

Want to get the most out of push-ups? Make sure you can pass this test.

By Mike Robertson (01/31/17)

29. Tip: 4 + 2 for Strength Gains

Here’s a challenging, but smart way to build strength fast.

By Lee Boyce (02/02/17)

30. Tip: Isolation Exercises vs. Big Lifts

What’s best for muscle growth? Here are some insights.

By Clay Hyght, DC (02/04/17)

31. Tip: Build Quads Without Knee Pain

Got knee pain or recovering from an injury? You don’t have to watch your quads or your leg strength dwindle away. Try these 3 moves.

By Ben Bruno (02/05/17)

32. Tip: Build More Muscle With Bad Words

Here’s why certain words and phrases might just lead to bigger muscles and heavier PRs.

By Chris Shugart (03/07/17)

33. Tip: Activate Your CNS, Then Lift Heavy

Do this first and you’ll lift more weight and have fewer injuries.

By Christian Thibaudeau (03/12/17)

34. Tip: Whole Foods vs. Protein Powders

Some people like to say that protein supplements are inferior to whole-food protein sources. But what does science say? Check this out.

By Chris Shugart (03/19/17)

35. Tip: Exercise Variety is Overrated

A little variety is good. A lot of variety is lazy and dumb. Here’s why.

By Tony Gentilcore (03/15/17)

36. Tip: Do This During Meals to Improve Body Comp

Make this simple change to the way you approach meals and start to gain more muscle and whittle away fat.

By TC Luoma (03/21/17)

37. The Absolute Best Way to Build Quads

10 Pros Give Their Top Tips

By T Nation (03/24/17)

38. Tip: The Key to Strong and Healthy Shoulders

Follow these two steps and you’ll not only build strong delts, you’ll keep them healthy.

By Eric Cressey (03/25/17)

39. Tip: The Cluster Method for Pure Strength Gains

Do clusters on the bench press, squat, or deadlift and you’ll build strength fast. Here’s a quick guide.

By Tim Henriques (03/28/17)

40. Tip: Do This After Heavy Lifting

Keep your back healthy by adding this feel-good move to your workout.

By Lee Boyce (04/11/17)

41. Tip: The 6-Second Trick for a Bigger Bench Press

A fast, easy, and scientifically-backed way to increase force production on the bench press. Check it out.

By Christian Thibaudeau (04/14/17)

42. Tip: Boost Your Deadlift With This Exercise

If your deadlift gets stuck halfway up, this accessory exercise will help unstick it.

By Mike Sirani (04/15/17)

43. Tip: The Only Good Smith Machine Exercise

This crazy-looking training method will improve your bench press strength.

By Christian Thibaudeau (04/16/17)

44. Tip: The Right Way to Lift for Fat Loss

It’s not what you think. Keep burning calories after your workout is done with this counterintuitive training method.

By TC Luoma (04/22/17)

45. Tip: The 5 Best Ab Exercises for Athletes

Build a strong core that not only looks good, but makes you a better athlete.

By Travis Hash (04/29/17)

46. Tip: Stop Training Only Half of Your Hamstrings

Are you missing a big portion of your hammies? You are if you’re neglecting to do these two things.

By Nick Tumminello (04/28/17)

47. Tip: Do Pull-Ups Anywhere Like This

No pull-up bar? No problem. Try this.

By Drew Murphy (05/05/17)

48. Tip: Obey the Mirror Rule

Most gyms have mirrors, but did you know there are some unwritten rules about them?

By John Romano (05/01/17)

49. Tip: Master Push-Ups With Frankenstein Holds

Correct your ugly, injury-causing push-up technique with this drill.

By Travis Hansen (05/03/17)

50. Tip: Nail Your Upper Glutes

Train your maximus, but don’t forget about your medius. Hit the upper glutes hard with this unique exercise variation.

By Nick Tumminello (05/01/17)

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