5 Steps to Building Better Athletes

By Mike Robertson (07/19/16)

Today, Mike is going to give us a step-by-step blueprint to build better athletes. Enjoy!

Tip: De-Stress and Boost Recovery in 3 Minutes

By Bret Contreras (09/07/16)

Stress kills. Even worse, it really interferes with getting jacked. Try this technique to squash anxiety fast.

3 Things Every Coach Should Learn from CrossFit

By Joel Jamieson

Whether you’re a coach, trainer, gym owner, or anything in between, it’s not an understatement to say that discovering the real power behind CrossFit is one of the most valuable lessons you’ll ever learn. ONE OF THE BEST ARTICLES I HAVE EVER READ!!!

4 Things to Do AFTER Lifting to Boost Gains

By John Rusin (05/18/16)

The new post-workout recovery window.

Tip: Eat More Protein to Lose Fat

By TC Luoma (11/19/16)

It turns out the more protein you eat, the more fat you lose. Yes, even if you consume more calories. Get the science here.

Tip: Find Your Power Position on the Deadlift

By Tony Gentilcore (08/31/16)

Here’s a little trick to help you find the perfect stance for a bigger, safer pull.

Improve Your Bench Press, Shoulder Health, & Posture With The Head-Off Technique

By Dr. Joel Seedman

Over the years the head-off chest press has become one of my favorite chest pressing protocols for improving horizontal pressing mechanics.

Why Ice Delays Recovery

By Gabe Mirkin (05/02/18)

Ice has been a standard treatment for injuries and sore muscles because it helps to relieve pain caused by injured tissue. Coaches have used my “RICE” guideline for decades, but now it appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping.

The Easiest Nutrition Fix For Fat Loss

By Ashleigh Kast (02/11/17)

I’ve got a few major priorities when it comes to fat loss. You can certainly never underestimate the impact of consistent sleep and workouts, but right now, I’m talking about the easiest nutrition skill you can starting practicing right now!

10 Pro Tips For Losing Fat! S

By Shannon Clark (04/19/18)

Are you ready to crank things up a notch? You can lose fat any pace you choose, really, but everyone should strive to be as efficient as possible. So we assembled the best package of tips we could find to turn you into a fat-burning pyromaniac.

Does Wearing Compression Garments Overnight Speed Up Recovery?

By Andy Peloquin

Compression garments are worn for the purpose of improving circulation. They are often used post-surgery, but athletes wear them to speed up post-workout recovery (better blood flow = faster nutrient delivery to the muscles = faster muscle repair).

Why That Diet Didn’t Work for You

By Nia Shanks (09/26/17)

During your workout you saw a fellow gym-goer for the first time in several weeks. You hear her telling another member about her recent weight loss. “I swear, the ketogenic diet is the best thing ever. I dropped 10 pounds in four weeks,” she raved…

What Stretching DOES and DOES NOT Do

By Jarod Hall

The literature defining what we know stretching to actually do, and not do, is often overlooked. This article will address what the evidence has to say about the actual mechanistic changes associated with stretching, whether or not stretching prevents injuries, if stretching can influence posture, if stretching can impact performance, different modes of stretching, general guidelines on how to best program and apply stretching, and if stretching should be programmed.

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