READING RECOMMENDATIONS 10 (Mike Robertson edition)

As you can see, this one is an exception. This post is dedicated to a man who helped me not to stray with a bunch of trainers…

1. Ground-Based Core Training

By Mike Robertson (on October 9, 2013)

Let’s look at why ground-based core training is a great idea for many athletes, as well as outline a handful of exercises you can go into the gym and use today.

2. 3 Steps to Better Basketball Conditioning

By Mike Robertson ( )

When we talk about conditioning, we’re talking about our bodies ability to produce energy…

3. 5 Goals of Pre-Season Training

By Mike Robertson (on March 1, 2016)

Quite simply, what are our goals for this period of time? Are we doing everything in our power to serve our athletes? And perhaps most importantly, what can we do better going forward?

4. 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Programming and Coaching

By Mike Robertson (on June 21, 2016)

If I had to whittle down what separates elite or high-level coaches from those just getting started in the game, it would be the following four things. – MR. Take a look!

5. My 5 Biggest Core Training Mistakes

By Mike Robertson (on March 8, 2016)

I don’t know about you, but I love making mistakes. Okay, okay – maybe love is too strong a word. I don’t like making them at the time – but I firmly believe if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not doing everything in your power to get better. – MR

6. 31 Random Thoughts on Speed and Agility Training

By Mike Robertson (on January 25, 2016)

Here’s a collection of things I’ve been thinking about with regards to coaching, cuing and programming speed and agility work in my program. – MR

7. 5 Thoughts on Sprinting

By Mike Robertson (on October 3, 2014)

As a physical preparation coach for team sports athletes, the goal is to be good at programming and coaching for a multitude of physical qualities such as strength, power, speed, conditioning, etc.

8. My Top 5 Coaching Cues

By Mike Robertson (on June 7, 2016)

…as coaches, cues are like our arrows, and we need an arrow (cue) to fix a lot of different issues! – MR

9. Do Athletes Need More Anterior or Posterior Chain Work?

By Mike Robertson (on May 2, 2016)

Ever since I got into the world of physical preparation, there’s one simple rule that no one ever seems to argue: All athletes need more posterior chain work… – MR

10. RTS Coaching: What Torso Position is Best on Split-Squats?

By Mike Robertson (on June 15, 2016)

“Where should my torso or chest position be?” Some coaches will tell you to stay bolt upright throughout. On the flip side, others will tell you a bent or angled torso is best. So who’s right? Let’s discuss!





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