1. The Truth About Barefoot Training

By Joel Seedman, PhD (04/02/15)

Great comprehensive article by Joel, must read!

2. 10 Steps to the Perfect Hip Thrust

By Bret Contreras (on August 22, 2015)

Wanna know how to perform the most popular butt exercise? Take a look!

3. 3 Things to STOP doing if you want better conditioning

By Joel Jamieson

Can’t stop learning from this guy…

By Lance Goyke (on July 29, 2015)

Exercise gets more useful (not to mention more interesting) when you turn it into a science experiment. The easiest way to do that is to get a heart rate monitor…

5. Periodization for the Everyday Athlete

By Mike Robertson (on August 15, 2016)

If you’re over the age of 30, chances are you realize you can’t train like you used to…

6. Cryotherapy and Exercise Recovery: Part 1

By Tavis Bruce (on March 2, 2016)

Is there a Physiological Rationale for Cryotherapy? Despite its popularity and widespread use, the evidence in support of cryotherapy remains equivocal…

7. Tip: Stop Doing Static Stretching

By Christian Thibaudeau (12/12/15)
Regular stretching often does more harm than good, especially for lifters and strength athletes. Here’s why…

8. How Much Can You Lift (Wimp)?

By Brad Kaczamarski (11/28/07)

Although older, this article is very interesting – especially if you like percentages!

9. What You Don’t Know About BOSU Balls

By Dean Somerset (10/02/15)

Are they pointless or practical?

10. Irradiation: How Your Fist Can Instantly Make You Stronger

By Travis Pollen

Good short and informative read!

11. Tip: For Deadlifts, Put Your Armpits Over the Bar

By Tony Gentilcore (12/11/15)

Great tip by great Tony!

12. Build Explosive Speed

By Josh Bryant, Joe Giandonato (07/10/13)

The most successful athletes can harness their strength instantly…

13. Speed Training for Football

By Buddy Moris

To put it simply, SPEED is the ultimate weapon in athletics…

14. 5 Benefits of Single-Leg Training

By Mike Robertson (on December 15, 2015)

The debate between unilateral (single-leg) versus bilateral (double-leg) lifts has raged on for nearly a decade…

15. Why Doing Hip Flexor Stretches May Not Loosen and Open Up the Hips

By Dean Somerset

Stretching might not be as helpful as you think, but this article will explain what will actually help…


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