1. 8 Training Tips for the New Dad

by Eric Cressey (on June 21, 2016)

A good one for “busy people”…

2. Lessons in Coaching

by Mike Robertson (on August 12, 2013)

Good read, must take a look!

3. Tip: Avoid This Major Training Mistake

by Paul Carter (06/18/16)

Don’t program-hop if what you’re doing is working…

4. Running Barefoot, Forefoot Striking & Training Tips

Take advantage of barefoot running…

5. Sprinting and Glutes

by Bret Contreras (January 21, 2014)

In sports and in the weightroom, all muscles need to be strong and powerful. The body works in a series of kinetic chains to produce forceful, powerful, and coordinated movement. Nevertheless, some muscles are more important than others…

6. 3 New Conditioning Rules

by Joel Jamieson

Always good read by Joel! If you are serious about conditioning you must read this!

With more fitness devices and gadgets becoming available almost daily, it’s surprising that in many ways, conditioning is still in the dark ages…

7. Tip: Accelerate Workout Recovery Two Ways

by John Rusin (06/01/16)

Lymphatic drainage, hmmm – interesting…

8. Anterior Pelvic Tilt Influences Hip Range of Motion and Impingement

by Mike Reinold

Short and effective one!

9. Do You Have to Change Exercises Every 4 Weeks?

by Nick Smoot ( )

No, you don’t…

10. The Easiest Knee Assessment EVER

By Ryan DeBell (Jun 28, 2016)

Whenever someone has knee pain or a previous history of knee injury, it is important to check both active and passive end range knee extension…














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