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Are Olympic lifts the best choice to improve performance?

Howdy, The Olympic lifts are very popular for athletic development (especially in the USA). And, as many other exercises, there is always pros and cons. It seems that conventional strength and power (back squat and loaded jumps) and machine-based strength and power (“Smith” machine squat and loaded “Smith” machine jumps) training both outperform Olympic weightlifting

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What if you feel “hip thrust” in hams and(or) low back instead of glutes?

Howdy, Hip thrust is a very useful exercise, popularized by the “Glute guy” (Bret Contreras). We all know how the major hip extensors important are for overall health/injury prev., and performance – so we need to strengthen them a lot. This one is maybe not that important for improving sprint and acceleration, as people thought,

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1. 5 Updates to My In-Season Training By Mike Robertson (8/8/16) I’ve been doing this physical preparation thing for 16 years now, and it’s safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two along the way… 2. 5 Thoughts on Sprinting By Mike Robertson (10/3/14) I’m a huge believer that if you really want to

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