1. Tip: Do This Exercise to Sprint Faster

Want to run like a cheetah? You need more than squats, deadlifts, and box jumps. You need this horizontal force exercise.

By Simen Rise Aaslund (06/27/16)

2. Tip: Do Load-Contrast Training for Growth

Here’s a new way to trigger hypertrophy that you’ve probably never tried before.

By Christian Thibaudeau (06/28/16)

3. Tip: Train Abs First

Impressive abs aren’t just made in the kitchen. They’re grown through intentional and regular hypertrophy training. Here’s how to make sure that happens.

By Tim Henriques (07/12/16)

4. Tip: Burn Fat and Build Muscle Between Sets

Rest periods are for wimps. Okay, that’s not quite true. But there is a better way to use them. Here’s how.

By Christian Thibaudeau (08/09/16)

5. Tip: Do the Landmine Press for Delts & Traps

Three new ways to hit your shoulders, traps, and serratus. Take a look.

By Tony Gentilcore (09/03/16)

6. Tip: The Easiest Way to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Do this at the dinner table to allow insulin to deliver nutrients to muscle instead of fat.

By TC Luoma (05/16/17)

7. Tip: The Best Overall Deadlift Style

If you’re deadlifting for overall physique development, which style is best for your goal? Answer here.

By Mike Robertson (05/17/17)

8. Tip: Why You Need Sled Work

Drag it. Push it. Sprint with it. Load it ridiculously heavy. Doesn’t matter, just do it. Here’s why.

By Eric Cressey (05/17/18)

9. Tip: The 4 Squat Progressions

Should you start your squatting career with a bar on your back? Probably not. Instead, follow this progression.

By Dr John Rusin (08/01/17)

10. Tip: Skipping Meals Makes You Fat

What do protein, dopamine, cravings, and body fat percentage have in common? Well, everything. Check out the science.

By Chris Shugart (08/06/17)

11. Tip: Pop Your Sacrum to Squat Better

Your glutes won’t fire properly if your sacrum is out of alignment. Try this and save a trip to the chiropractor.

By Tessa Gurley (08/20/17)

12. The Effects of Eating Truckloads of Protein

The Truth About High-Protein Diets

By Mike T. Nelson, PhD (11/17/17)

13. Tip: Boost Workout Recovery in the Shower

Do cold showers really speed workout recovery? Dr. Waterbury tested out a specific way of doing it. Here’s what happened.

By Chad Waterbury (08/02/17)

14. Tip: 3 Big Meals vs. 6 Small Meals

What’s best for fat loss? It depends. Here’s what you need to know.

By Christian Thibaudeau (10/18/17)

15. Tip: What Makes Muscle, Keeps Muscle

How to lift weights when fat loss is your main goal. Most people get this completely wrong.

By Tony Gentilcore (10/18/17)

16. Tip: Unilateral vs. Bilateral Training

Which is better? Here are the facts.

By TJ Kuster (10/21/17)

17. Tip: Does Music Really Help You Train Harder?

We all think it does, but what does science say? And does the type of training you’re doing change things? Info here.

By Jason Biggins (10/22/17)

18. Building a Superhuman Core

By Tony Gentilcore (04/03/14)

19. Tip: Eat Eggs This Way for More Muscle

Eggs eaten this way are 45% more effective in increasing protein synthesis.

By TC Luoma (10/20/17)

20. Tip: Walk This Way to Burn More Fat

A simple, stress-reducing way to burn more calories when you walk.

By Dean Graddon (11/03/17)

21. Tip: Your Shrugs Are Too Heavy

Set your ego aside, use better technique, and build traps so big they impair your hearing. Here’s how.

By Paul Carter (11/12/17)

22. Tip: The Bench Press is a Whole-Body Exercise

To get the most out of the bench, you must make it a whole-body lift. Here are four ways to do it.

By Christian Thibaudeau (11/02/17)

23. Tip: The Meal That Damages Metabolism

A new study shows why we may want to have more meals earlier in the day and cut them off long before bed. Here’s the new science.

By Chris Shugart (06/16/17)

24. 3 Popular Stretches That Suck

And What to Replace Them With…

By Dr John Rusin (11/14/17)

25. Tip: Fix This Common Deadlifting Mistake

Many people are unaware they’re doing this. Check it out.

By Tony Gentilcore (11/15/17)

26. Tip: The Number One Thing That Needs to Change

The longer you’ve been lifting hard, the more this advice applies.

By Christian Thibaudeau (11/15/17)

27. Feeling the Muscle vs. Moving the Weight

By Clay Hyght (02/12/13)

28. Tip: Eat Your Whole Grains, Paleo People!

It turns out that whole grains are hugely anti-inflammatory. Here’s the science.

By TC Luoma (11/24/17)

29. Tip: Should You Auto-Regulate Your Training?

What’s best, sticking to your program no matter what, or mixing it up based on how you feel that day? Here’s what science says.

By Shawn Wayland (11/24/17)

30. Tip: The Hidden Benefit of CrossFit

Are people who do group fitness classes happier that solo lifters? Here’s what science says.

By Chris Shugart (11/25/17)

31. Push-Ups, Face Pulls, and Shrugs

For Strong and Healthy Shoulders!

By Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman (01/25/07)

32. Tip: Do This to Fix Non-Organic Produce

Here’s how to make your non-organic fruits and vegetables as healthy as their organic counterparts.

By TC Luoma (01/19/18)

33. Tip: Two Lifts for Real Athletic Strength

Here’s are two functional strength exercises that are actually functional for athletes and everyone else who occasionally gets off the couch.

By TJ Kuster (01/24/18)

34. The Two-Exercise Workout Plan for Size

The Minimalist’s Guide to Getting Jacked

By Christian Thibaudeau (01/26/18)

35. Tip: Natural Lifters and Protein Synthesis

Want more muscle? Trigger protein synthesis often. Here’s how.

By Christian Thibaudeau (11/21/17)

36. Tip: How Much Protein Should I Eat?

Common question. Here are some guidelines for lifters.

By Paul Carter (02/05/18)

37. Tip: Are You Ready to Olympic Lift?

The O-lifts are getting more popular, but some folks are jumping into them too fast. Here’s how to know if you’re ready.

By Christian Thibaudeau (02/06/18)

38. Tip: A Common Chest Training Mistake

Build bigger, stronger pecs by avoiding this exercise combo.

By Nick Tumminello (02/07/18)

39. Tip: The Surprising Truth About Negatives

A meta-study looks at whether lowering a weight slowly really builds more muscle than lifting it fast.

By TC Luoma (02/11/18)

40. Tip: How to Stop Muscle Loss When Dieting

Bad diets cause you to lose more muscle than fat. And one bad habit will make muscle catabolism 60 percent worse. Check this out.

By Chris Shugart (04/01/18)

41. Tip: Dopamine, Serotonin, and Toughness

To be at your best, you need to understand the neurological components of performing under pressure.

By Christian Thibaudeau (03/29/18)

42. Tip: The Biggest Meal of the Day

When should you pack in the calories and protein? When should you have your smallest, lowest-carb meal of the day? Here’s the science.

By Chris Shugart (04/04/18)

43. Tip: Eat This Much Protein Per Meal

The experts were horribly wrong about how much protein you could absorb in one meal. Here’s the new science.

By TC Luoma (03/10/18)

44. Tip: Roll the Bar, Set a Deadlift PR

World record deadlifts have been set using this method, but some powerlifters hate it. Check it out.

By Tim Henriques (03/28/18)

45. Tip: This Exercise Beats Squats for Glute Gains

You’ve seen the squat-booty memes, but the squat came in last for glute activation when compared to two other exercises.

By Shawn Wayland (03/05/18)

46. Tip: Low Carb No More

I used to be a diehard low-carb guy. Not anymore. Here’s why.

By Christian Thibaudeau (04/07/18)

47. Tip: A Better Way to Hip Thrust

It’s one of the best exercises for pure glute gains and posterior strength. Here’s how to make it even better.

By Lee Boyce (05/31/18)

48. Not Dangerous! 4 Falsely Accused Exercises

Trainers Think They’re Bad. They’re Wrong.

By Nick Tumminello (06/12/18)

49. Tip: Frozen is Better Than Fresh

Freezing sometimes increases the nutritional value of foods, so stop categorizing frozen food as processed.

By TC Luoma (06/22/18)

50. The Secret Strength Weapon

Build This Small Muscle Group, Boost Overall Strength.

By Christian Thibaudeau (06/04/18)

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