QUESTION FOR COACH 7 (Dr Perry Nickelston)


I had 2 personal training clients in past who suffered from upper traps tightness/discomfort. In short, massage and SMR, scaps stability work, T spine mobility work, shoulder mobility work, an overall upper back and shoulders strengthening DID NOT HELP. Nothing truly helped after few months of training 3 times a week. They don’t have a forward head posture as well. In your opinion, what could be hidden cause(s) and what would be your approach?


Upper traps often over compensate for power generation when someone has poor engagement of the latissimus, lower trap and serratus anterior. It’s timing issue during movement.

Need to release the upper trap. Place a piece of paper in your armpit and hold a dumbbell in your hands by your side. Hold weight and crush paper between your arm and lat 3 sets of 10’seconds. Then place hands over head in a wide Y shape palms facing out pressing wrists back against doorway for 10’seconds 1 set. Then do 10 jumping jacks 🙂 .

Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA, is a Chiropractic Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and Metabolic Fitness Nutrition. He is an expert in myofascial, orthopedic, medical and trigger point soft tissue therapy. Dr. Perry is an expert in movement assessment and diagnosis. He is a 1997 graduate from Palmer Chiropractic University and a master fitness trainer with over 25 years experience in the health industry. Dr. Perry dedicated himself to teaching others how to get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. He is currently publishing several books on health, fitness, laser therapy, business success, and self treatment programs from his website.


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