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Hey soccer player – reconsider the reason why you pulled groins

Howdy, Soccer is, with no doubt, the most popular game in the World. The “downside” of this attractive game is that you need to be extremely good prepared to avoid injuries (like in any other sport, especially contact sport). If it’s the only one recreational physical activity (a common example is 1-3 times per week),

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1. No More Pulled Hamstrings! by Mike Robertson (on April 7, 2015) Very interesting article by Mike, he is always explaining it simply and understandable… LOVE HIM 🙂 ! 2. 4 Sleep Strategies for Athletes by Josh Heenan | 04/08/15 Good read about making your sleep more effective! 3. 4 Strategies for Breaking Through Muscle

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Why you need to be thin for soccer? (And some random thoughts)

Howdy, Soccer is the most popular sport almost anywhere on the Planet. Popularity is fast raising even in the USA. In my opinion, during the last 15 years has been becoming even more popular because of the one fact – S&C professionals noticed how much a proper strength is important for faster soccer. Faster soccer

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