What is the most important thing when it comes to your sports career, and professions in general?


I think that this post is definitely the first and last one with longer question (a title) than an answer (aside my urge for adding pics and something – blah-blah – less important around the target 🙂 ).

Jokes aside, this post is funny short, even confused for someone at first glance, but incredibly important!


Ok, are you ready for this 🙂 ?! The most important thing whatever you do in your life is a very simple 3 in 1 rule – THE AIM, BRAVERY AND PATIENCE!

Ok, maybe you would ask where is a diligence/knowledge here? Simple, you can’t do anything without that – this is the base! I am writing more about psychology here…

Hey dude, if you don’t want to “hunt in a blurry surroundings” just sit, think twice what you want from your life (make smart decision) and form an aim, be brave with going toward it, and patient (you must wait for your results – which will come out if you do it on quality way).

Also, be aware that a patience means an experience – something crucial!

1) Don’t miss the target! 2) Be brave!

 Don’t miss the target!                                                                  Be brave!



                                                                   THE BIIIG WORD!

If you don’t possess just one rule, better find/gain it or you can have a problem! So keep in mind this ABP rule and work hard on it (it’s similar to ABC, not problem for remembering 😉 ).

Trust me, trust yourself and you can reach your dreams with this short but in practice not easily achievable rule.


Last but not least…


So, have the Aim – be Brave – keep Patience!

Thanks for reading and all the best,




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