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1. Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training – Installment 19 By Eric Cressey (on June 17, 2016) 2. Developing a Complete Basketball Player By Mike Robertson (on June 14, 2016) So, what are the physical tools that every basketball player should be working on? Good read because Mike simplifies things always! 3. In multibillion-dollar business

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QUESTION FOR COACH 6 (Dr Nicholas Licameli)

LUKA KOVACEVIC: Do you think that looking up in a deadlift could result in damage of the intervertebral discs by multiplying “micro traumas” or cause some another obstruction? Short-term and long-term consequences… Dr. NICHOLAS LICAMELI: Is looking up during a deadlift a big deal in the short-term? As with many topics in exercise science, I

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4 basic squat variations for finding out what works best for you at the moment

Howdy, Squatting… What to say, probably the most natural but complex movement of the human body (if we exclude crawling, walking and running). Most people are losing the perfect squatting form during growing up because of multiple reasons (sedentary life is the general cause and losing of hips – ankles – T spine – shoulders

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