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4 basic squat variations for finding out what works best for you at the moment

Howdy, Squatting… What to say, probably the most natural but complex movement of the human body (if we exclude crawling, walking and running). Most people are losing the perfect squatting form during growing up because of multiple reasons (sedentary life is the general cause and losing of hips – ankles – T spine – shoulders

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What do legs need for soccer? (Let’s keep it short and simple)

Howdy, I see a lot of misunderstandings about legs training in soccer and other team sports, as well as in track & field. Things are so simple – max strength, strength speed/power and plyo is everything your legs need for high intensity running sports (sports games especially; I will write down nothing about conditioning because

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Stop doing “seated leg press”!

Howdy, “Seated leg press” has become so popular exercise in bodybuilding era but fortunately, as our knowledge has been rising, people have realized that it’s something you should avoid in today’s functional era. People are trying to produce some new leg press machines which looks much better but still it’s not a functional pattern. In

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